At our school you'll find the key to beautiful Japanese!

To speak Japanese cleanly and articulately in any situation-in your job... in conversation... on the phone... giving speeches...
Wouldn't that be great?

For Japanese language education, there are so few places for students to go that offer proper instruction in Japanese pronunciation and vocalization. If spoken Japanese is a skill you need for work or your daily life, don't pass up this chance to take a trial lesson with us.

We begin with a study of the phonetic alphabet as we practice the way vowels and consonant sounds are produced in Japanese, then work on the sounds unique to Japanese plus intonation and usage.
Students also practice pronunciation of example texts featuring keigo and other advanced expressions.

We record the students' practice, have them study the playback, and repeat the process; the goal is to help students achieve an elegance in their spoken Japanese that even the Japanese people could envy.

  • What sets us apart:

    • One-on-one lessons (with lessons geared to the individual's Japanese level)
    • Lessons based around our original texts on Japanese pronunciation
    • Professional recording and playback equipment used in class
    • Classes scheduled by reservation, to fit into your own personal schedule

Please select Japanese Entry Course.

  • Equipment and software used:

    • Microphones: FOSTEX M88RP/ BEYER MC-740
    • Pro Tools Systems: Digidesign (Avid Technology, Inc)

Classes offered Monday thru Sunday

Class times : first from 10:00 AM, last from 19:00 PM.

Class length: 45 minutes

For more information by phone, please call us in Japanese
between the hours of 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM (Japan time).
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